About Bestmateria


Established: January, 2004

President (Founder) : Go Kihara

Head office:
・2-43-15, Misawa, Hino-city, Tokyo 191-0032
・Phone +81 (0)42-506-9641   FAX +81 (0)42-506-9642

“Contribution for construction of safe and reliable society by supplying suitable material technology”


Business Contents

1) Technology relating maintenance of various plants and equipments

  • Consulting on failure analysis and countermeasures
  • Consulting on residual life evaluation, diagnosis, inspection and risk assessment
  • Supply maintenance plan based on RBM (Risk Based Maintenance)
  • Assist of establishing maintenance system
  • Sales of software and database relating maintenance
    Ex.) Database of case history of failure in various plants,
    Failure and degradation mechanisms handbook

2) Material data, selection, procurement and inspection

  • Supplying material data on world standard, various properties and suppliers on website (www.matguide.com) collaborated with “Total Materia”
  • Consulting on suitable selection and procurement of material for design and fabrication of plant and equipment, especially for supporting of reliable procurement of Chinese steels
  • Supplying material data management system (ex. Granta MI, UK) and digitizing material data for data management.
  • Supplying in-situ chemical analysis system (SPETROTEST, Germany)
  • Sales of standard sample forinstrumental chemical analysis



Best Materia supply good solutions for material problems by the network of senior engineers (about 100) and research organizations in the world.

Collaboration with
  • Japan: NIMS, HPI, IIC, IMC, SCE-net, SpectroTest Japan, K&I
  • EU: (UK) ESR Technology, GRANTA DESIGN, ETD   (SWISS) Key To Metals
  • United States: EMCC
  • China: CISRI, USTB, F&R